Pronto DSTM F890 Polypropylene Pipe

Pronto DSTM F890 Polypropylene Pipe. Exceptional Joint Integrity: Pronto DSTM F890 Polypropylene Pipe joints meet the most stringent joint-tightness requirement: leak-free when tested at 25 feet of head per ASTM D3212.

  • Reduces groundwater infiltration, conserving costly treatment plant capacity
  • Decreases sewage exfiltration, protecting the environment
  • Prevents root intrusion, lowering maintenance costsStringent Acceptance Tests

• Mandrel Testing – Pronto DSTM F890 Polypropylene Pipe Ensures a High Safety Factor: The PVC pipe industry and ASTM have long recom- mended mandrels that allow no more than 71⁄2% deflection of the PVC pipe diameter – which provides an installation safety factor of 4:1.Pronto DSTM F890 Polypropylene pipes have lower deflection capabilities so users should specify lower deflection levels to ensure the same degree of safety.

• Pronto DSTM F890 Polypropylene Pipe – Caution Advised: The recent introduction of PP into the sanitary sewer market should be cause for concern to wastewater utilities for the following reasons:

o Unsupported claims about performance o Lack of rigorous studies and testing
o Questions regarding joint integrity
o Reduced safety factors

o Limited selection of fittings for connections